what no like and like by the walrus

Why should gofer put any thing on here? May be peeps from iceland like it thats all.  Kent  help if gofeer lives under ground at 10000 kempwood.  Thats right next to the hot tub. Woops cant go there there is naked peeps near the pool. Did not know now its a nudist show off place. But mexcans ,cagans  and low life ant supposed to show every thing. O u can be on msnbc and hate the USA.  Who is the walrus well its jim neibors at the Astrodome in 1972 o he took all his clothes off and milked Dan Blocker. All this fake news.  How about that so and so that went to UT Austin, gofer dont know how she got those kids.  Well her old man used to go to topless bars here. Thats right. Any way good by to the street above and to bus 36. Good by to the mam in the moon.


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