Lets blame all white folks for all problems.  Thats right Rush said that yesterday on the radio.  They force all kids to think negitive towards white folks  and rejoice the communist. Thats Obama and his minions.  Fuck that idea.  Thats right.  So thats a curse word.  Hells bells gofer used to do black ladies in hte past and fat one .  So .  Hell if Sharon was here the dick would be in side for 30 then she would have to go.  Fred knows get back to  her then she gets upset cause i quit . Screw that idea. N0 wonder crawfish has a ronchy ideas now . Yea Fred almost felt like choking the chicken but did not.  Any way that bs is almost over.   Well if Bob dont want to call so and so they wont. Now its 1204 what else is going on ? Placeholder Image


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