History of Campbell road: vol 1

That was a name of a freak movie once on cable tv. Any way the University of Texas football team lost another one today. O yes Baylor did it – “im so glad”. O and ever time u walk around Nb there is a strange creature behind u. Thats right. Yes ill have strange dreams later on.  Well i dont like cleaning up the place but ill do it any way. They got these sites on here where supposed u can get layed.  Hells bells some one wanted to meet catfish last night late . There is no  way in hell striper is going to do that.  Hells bells some ones eye lids are getting heavy. Yes u walk west on sowaycropped-sam_0513.jpg now and u risk some thing.  O so if sleep is needed now go to the shower and put the head under cold water. It works. Except to go to Austin and dive in that spring water u got to be brave.  It will wake u up al right.


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