gofer did not know

Im suprised thats right. letting the hole world know whats going on. In fact gofer can spill the beans about what went on at the UPS contract security years ago.  Theses days they got skooners that wear badges cutting stuff off el trucks. O the el guards climb the ladder to put rails on them trucks no madder if its raining real hard. Any way who wants to act like the that peeps that took over in 2010.

Here is a place not to hang out at its airline and 45 .  Thats where the working ladies used to be.  Another place is patterson road right now. Its nearly pitch black there. That bridge has strange things going on there.  Then there is the german cemetry behind Blinn College. Im not telling about peeps seeing UFOS near hwy 529, it really did happen. Or getting high off ciggars, quit that its not healthy.


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